"The whole culture is telling you to hurry, while the art tells you to take your time. Listen to the art.” -Junot Diaz

My & Bob Dylan's hometowns.

My hometown, Kiruna, is moving, just like Bob Dylan’s once did.  After generations of iron mining, the ground’s now unstable and cracking, and the city’s center, now right over the mining, is being moved south so mining, and people’s livelihoods, can continue. 


Tonight, July 30, 2017, the clocktower on the city hall will be moved to the new city center, where it will stand by the new city hall. The new city hall will open in 2018.  Here’s a recent new York Times article about my town with a great video.



More about the clocktower move: http://kiruna.se/Kommun/Kommun-politik/Nyheter-Kommun-politik/klocktornet-lyfts-ner/

Kirunas new city hall, Kristallen, in progress. 

Kirunas new city hall, Kristallen, in progress. 


An Artists' Re-treat

Recently I did a Artist in Residency at the Vermont Studio Center. 

A group of visual artist and writers stayed in a small community in the mountains. During my stay I worked with clay and made a start of an installation that I hope to have done later this summer.  To be able to get away for a time to be work on your art 24/7 is such a treat and it makes your soul grow.

If you are an artist and want to take a step forward with your work, I can recommend going to a residency. 

Check out their tumblr site here: http://vermontstudiocenter.tumblr.com/